Director's Message

A Message from the Director of Spark Academy

Denis Mailloux
Mr. Denis Mailloux, Director

Welcome to our website! We are Spark Academy of Advanced Technologies, a public charter school, and we are dedicated to preparing you for the opportunities waiting for you in so many new technical fields. This school exists because people with passion, dedication, and experience came together to create a high school  where you would be able to receive your diploma and so much more! 

This is a serious school, where students are expected to do their best. At Spark, your hard work can be rewarded with certification in advanced technical and trade careers on the very day that you receive your high school diploma. We know that career opportunities are exploding for people who are well trained for the world of tradework and advanced manufacturing processes. We want to help you lead a productive and meaningful life in the exciting world waiting for you. 

We know that doors will open for you if you have a solid foundation in math and science so we take those subjects seriously. You will be able to study math at your own pace through the ALEKS program and will have the benefit of a math tutor every day. You will take classes in science that are designed to complement your technology classes. 

Through our humanities curriculum, you will study not only history, English, writing skills, civics, art and music,  you will learn how math and science have always played a huge role in history. You will also learn how important technology has been from our very beginning, with the use of tools and fire to the discovery of quantum physics. From energy to communication, the things we often take for granted have made a huge difference. Your life in technology will be part of a great tradition that has improved life every day. That is something to be very proud of!

Everyone has his or her own gifts. Everyone can learn. Everyone deserves a chance to succeed. Spark Academy is here with you to challenge you to work hard, to learn all that you can, and to find your way to a rewarding career life.

We are passionate about the possibilities waiting for you here. We are Spark Academy, and we welcome you to our school! I look forward to meeting you and to watching you grow with every challenge.

Denis Mailloux