Support Mr. Pouliot's classroom with a gift that fosters learning with STEM sensors.

DonorsChooseWe are requesting STEM sensors. Each is capable of collecting data in time, position, velocity, acceleration, RPM's, magnetic field, pressure, altitude, and temperature.

These sensors are incredibly versatile yet compact. A sensor can placed on a mousetrap car, or a rocket. It can used to collect data of an object in freefall. It can be used on CO2 cars, or carried in a student's pocket as he or she runs or jumps. It can track a student's hike in terms of distance, velocity, and altitude. A variety of physics principles can be investigated with data collected in real time and which is extremely relevant. There is no project or science lab that these sensors cannot be used in.   [CLICK HERE TO DONATE]

Support Mr. Larochelle's classroom with a gift that fosters learning with Snap Circuits.

Electronics is a tough subject for students to wrap their heads around because they cannot see how it works. They see something turn on and off and it must be magic.

Snap Circuits provides a very visual way to show the flow of electricity and the pieces have the schematics of the part displayed right on each piece. The pieces snap together very quickly so students can see what works and what does not, practicing the engineering design cycle. These trainers come in a nice travel suitcase to keep everything organized and mobile. It comes with curriculum and over 100 step-by-step circuits the students can build and experiment with. Some of the best learning comes from playing and my students will really enjoy exploring the world of electronics.   [CLICK HERE TO DONATE]