Our Curriculum

About Spark Academy's Curriculum

Curriculum studies are divided into four department studies at every grade level. 

The four main departments are Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Advanced Techologies

These departments incorporate both the high school curriculum that meets or exceeds New Hampshire state standardsLibrary and the Community College System of New Hampshire’s Early College courses. These department studies may also include Running Start options.
Students will complete each level at their own pace and ability. If a student excels in a specific department study, that student will be allowed to pass to the next level in that same department. Students could potentially study various department courses at two or three levels within the same year.

Early College program as outlined by Manchester Community College (MCC)

“Manchester Community College has established an Early College initiative that specifically allows New Hampshire high school students to take MCC credit-bearing courses. The credits students earn through Early College at Manchester Community College can be applied to a degree at MCC or possibly transfer to another college or University.”

About the School Day at the Spark Academy

The average school week will operate on a rotating schedule.

1. Four school days every week will include four 90-minute block classes in the four main department studies. 

2. During one school day per week (Exploration Day), department heads will augment studies through activities, projects, community leadership sessions, and/or field trips. Department heads will regularly meet to plan integrated lessons.

3. At every grade level, the students will be divided into four groups that will work together as a unit on various projects and activities.