Advanced Technologies

Advanced Technologies Hexagon

Advanced Technologies:
Each student will learn a trade and/or technical skill and be workforce ready upon graduation. The student majority will earn both a high school diploma through Spark Academy and a certificate or an associate degree through CCSNH. If a student’s chosen field does not require a certificate or associates degree, qualifications may be acquired through an apprenticeship program running parallel with Spark Academy’s high school curriculum. Students must complete their trade and/or technical training before graduating from Spark Academy of Advanced Technologies. These courses may include Running Start or Early College options.

Level One: 
Computer Aided Design (CAD): This course, a prerequisite for many technical fields, will incorporate both the art and computer NH high school requirements to aid manufacturing, construction, and other industry studies.

Makerspace Workshop: Spark Academy students will delve into projects involving woodworking, laser cutting, 3-D printing, electronics and other tools.

Coding: This course is an introduction to computer programming as a universal language.